Dhawa Jinshanling


Check in, chill out and start discovering.

Welcome to Dhawa‘s first debut in China, where contemporary chic fuses with the elegance of the legendary and landscape of China’s great wall.

Nestled in the hills at the foot of the Great Wall, Dhawa Jinshanling fuses cutting-edge design with China’s rich cultural heritage. Unwind in contemporary comfort with stylish, social amenities in the midst of one of wonders of the world.

Our 200 Cocoons (rooms and suites) take inspiration from the mountains and landscapes around the resort, with cultural elements infused.

Enhance your stay experience with our seven spa treatment rooms and a foot massage area at Dhawa Spa.

Take your event to new heights with our ballrooms. This flexible 400sqm space can host up to 250 people for large functions, or can be divided into two sections for more intimate occasions.

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